About EXOC Team

We are a special team composed of experts from various fields and provide a new opportunity for young people who are currently dreaming of an artist to live their dreams, and we provide to the artists with a variety of work opportunities

We have the experience and know-how to produce and distribute movies, dramas, performances, e-sports, etc. And we are trying to carry out a unique publishing or distribution method for contents

We will publishing our own contents and investment various projects such as movies and dramas.

EXOC E-sports & Entertainment


It is important that creators be able to distribute their profits fairly because the circulation process of the creations is transparent. Reliability is very high because it is based on a blockchain that cannot be altered

EXOC E-sports & Entertainment


Based on a very intelligent analysis system, customers, supplies, distribution, and consumer's hobbies can all be intelligently analyzed, which can provide great help for circulation

EXOC E-sports & Entertainment


EXOC PLATFORM is easy and simple to access, users can enjoy various cultural industries. Participants in the EXOC ecosystem can participate as creators, distributors, and consumers, not just users of the cryptocurrency



EXOC Gateway

Contents distribution with customer relationship management and provide price information each other are possible through platform A.I. Gateway


API provide various module for each eco-system member and discursive independent module independent between OS, Device

Exchange service

Everyone can exchange with other coins directly through the exchange. Like the Home Trade System, you can receive quotes in real time and use them conveniently

Advertisement manager

Advertisement manager allows advertisers to purchase and apply advertising items directly, automatically apply after purchase, and build big data

Online HTS Service

Possible to purchase and sell the rights to the entire cultural art work instead of a single item. Everyone can build a trading system of works of art that can buy and sell some of the works' rights

EXOC Wallet

Include basic transfer system in wallet and also provides special function that receive the each eco-system's own social media directly. It support Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and others

EXOC Platform

Provides visual content that can be viewed only on EXOC

Unique Contents

  • EXOC is not a simple social media platform that only distributes content. Content creators and fans can share each other's content, and unique images that cannot be seen on other media platforms are shared

Participatory platform for fans

  • The participating platform for e-Sports fans provides an opportunity for content creators and fans to improve their relationship
  • EXOC supports a variety of ways for fans to create content for e-Sports development and growth
  • EThe EXOC is a partner for building a sustainable ecosystem where e-Sports Team and fan all can win
  • EXOC gives new experiences and fun to e-Sports Team and fans

EXOC Platform

E-Sports new Community Environment

The EXOC wants to create a single hub for the e-Sports industry. We offer more professional and diverse content

In recent years, interest in e-Sports has increased. As the size of the competition is not limited to one region, it becomes global scale, and it feels like the Olympics

  • E-Sports is a rapidly growing industry. According to market researcher newzoo, the size of the global e-Sports market grew by 41%, compared to 2016, to $ 696 million by 2017. It expects to rise to $ 1.65 billion by 2021
  • E-Sports is expected to be included in the official event in the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022. Last year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) referred to the possibility of adopting e-Sports' official Olympic Games. With such a global focus, e-Sports market is rapidly developing and growing

EXOC will contribute to the development of e-Sports market through in-depth market forecasting and fan service marketing

EXOC Platform

EXOC Platform with World’s Best E-Sports

  • Holding the e-Sports Premier Tournament
  • Live broadcast of e-Sports contest (Twitch TV, Youku TV, iQIY TV)
  • E-Sports game skin purchase
  • Sponsoring e-Sports team EXOCASH
  • Buy e-Sports team related products

CS:GO, Dota2, Hearth Stone, Heroes of Storm, League of Legends, Overwatch, Warcraft, Battleground, StartCraft2, FIFA Online...



Token available

5,000,000,000 EXOC

Nominal price

0.12$ / 0.88CNY

Emission rate

No Further tokens will be created

Token private sale

20% (Bonus up to 30%)

Token sale

10% (pre-sale)

Soft cap

ETH 50,000

Hard cap

ETH 250,000

Token format

ERC 20, BITCOIN Unlimited Based

Currency Accepted


Coin Allocation

  • 30%R&D
  • 30%Marketing
  • 20%Operation
  • 15%Business Building
  • 5%ETS

Coin Distribution

  • 10%Team
  • 10%Marketing
  • 5%Advisor
  • 20%Co-Founder
  • 10%Reserved
  • 45%Public Distribution

Time Line

quality assurance

experienced team

Darren Choi

E-Sports event organizer
Ruiyue Entertainment China CEO

Lake Jong
Chief Information Officer

Sysmax Production CEO
ACC Global CMD
International Federation of Beauty Culture & Art Overseas Marketing Director

Jacky Chun
Executive Director Shanghai

Citicommunication CEO
Ruiyue Entertainment China Director
JCTworks Global CFO

Richard Byun
Director of International Marketing Dept.

Sonus Entertainment CEO
Ruiyue Entertainment China CFO

Rusty Day
Chief marketing Officer

Dream Maker Film Culture Investment CEO
Shaoxing Shouren Cultural creativity CEO
(Cultural consultant) ZHIHOU GROUP
Hangzhou Zhongyi Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Taihee Yoo
Marketing Plannig Director

International Humanity General Union
Cyclean General Director

Mitsue Ryuji
Japan Markting Director

Pandora Global CEO
Albatross of Japan Chief Director

Blockchain CTO

Blockchain Analyst & Design
Master of Computer science in Kumoh National Institute of Technology

Satoru Hashimoto
Majors Coperation CTO

Blockchain Mainnet engineer
DENA Software engineer
PCPhase Corp Software engineer

Ganesh Iyer
Chief Product Management

15+ years of Enterprise and academic experience
Cisco, AMD, Stanford, Cornell & SUNY University, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Mumbai And, his team in Mumbai, India

Sanjeev Ukhalkar
Enterprise SaaS Leader

Managed 4 Billion USD SaaS Business at Cisco Systems
C-level Executive, Engineering, Architecture
Ruiyue Entertainment China CMO
30+ years Enterprise experience Cisco Systems, Siemens, Nuffic University, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Bangalore And, his team in Silicon Valley, USA

experienced advisor

Levent Kecik

Levent Kecik, is also President of Ecco Petroleum Inc., has 42 years of experience and has the expertise in evaluating, screening, and drilling for oil , gas and metal resource properties. He graduated from the Istanbul Technical University for his Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, with Honours and attended the University of Tulsa for additional graduate courses. He has developed many major computer programs including: Economic Analysis: the only one of its kind. It was developed in 1978 for Desk Top Computers before they became so popular.

Johnny Park

Johnny has extensive experience in the mining industry spanning over a decade. Operating several properties, he helped develop a key technology that greatly improves recovery of precious metals. His specialty in stock promotion has led him on the path of successful cryptocurrency projects. His leadership and marketing in ICO launches have been highly instrumental.

Walter Oh

Walter Oh has over 18 years of experience as a strategic and M&A advisor to corporate clients in leadership roles at Oppenheimer, KeyBanc Capital Markets and Deutsche Bank.

Dr. Raj Ravindran

Capital Markets and Financial Advisor
Raj is the co-founder of “ThinkingNorth”, aventure capital platform that connects entrepreneurs to the capital.
He is also the EVP at Ensign Capital, an Exempt Market Dealer that provides capital market advisory and Capital raising solutions to emerging private and public companies.

Richard Gardner

Trade and Exchange Advisor
CEO Modulus Global
EEO, Modulus, High-Tech Software Developed for NASA, IBM, Microsort, Shell, BOA, NASDAQ, Yahoo, Siemens & more He also holds an MBA in finance.